Hyder Construction has started work on York Street Yards, a five-phased $20 million renovation to the historic Denver Medical Depot, located in Denver’s Clayton Neighborhood. The 482,700K SF industrial warehouse space, split between two warehouses, is located on a 32-acre brownfield site. The team will transform the former medical center into a multi-tenant ‘urban-flex’ space to be leased for future retail, office space, restaurants, and breweries. Upon completion, it will feature new community spaces, modernized amenities and connectivity to Denver’s 39th Avenue Greenway project.

The Denver Medical Depot’s history dates back to 1942, when it acted as a U.S. Army storage and distribution center for medical equipment and supplies. It is an example of World War II era military installation construction and was designed by Denver architect Temple Buell. When originally built, the depot’s two large warehouses each contained 1,250,000 bricks; the first warehouse was erected in just twenty-two days. Roughly one thousand workmen were involved in the depot’s erection; alternate shifts were employed to make round-the-clock construction possible.

ArchitectTryba Architects
Contractor: Hyder Construction