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For us, it isn't just what you know, but what you value  what drives you.

Our people always have been and always will be our most valuable resource and every employee at Hyder has their own unique combination of talent and experience.

We believe every employee has an integral role in, and is responsible for, innovative ideas that contribute to our success.

Your opinion matters here and continuous improvement isn’t just promoted, it’s expected at all levels. From the tradesmen to the president, everyone is focused on continuously improving themselves and the company at all times.

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The Hyder Way

Hyder’s mission is: Inspired People Creating Loyal Customers. But what exactly are “inspired people”? The inspiration driving our people can be found in The Hyder Way. The Hyder Way is our culture. It is made up of five fundamental principles that inspire us and make us excited to come to work each day: be proactive, be accountable, continuously improve, be a great builder, and that there is no Superman. It’s this passion that creates loyalty among our customers.

Be Proactive
On-mountain projects created our culture of proactive planning. We spend the time planning so that execution is successful. We plan, plan, and plan some more, then build. We know the design, schedule, site, and project risks better than anyone else. We’ve delivered more on-mountain projects than any other Colorado contractor.
Be Accountable
We are passionate about meeting schedules. Whether the project is on a tight site in the heart of Denver or at the summit of a mountain, we do whatever it takes to keep the commitments made to our customers. We are accountable.
Continuously Improve
We have a “People Inspired Culture.” The Hyder Way was created by and will evolve with our people and their ideas. Hyder employees have passion for continuous improvement, are self-motivated and seek training and development, take responsibility for their own careers, and are deeply concerned about the success of Hyder.
Be a Great Builder
We love to build. We establish a culture of pride of workmanship on our job sites. We use our expertise to solve complex problems. Regardless of the challenges, we build it right and walk away from every project with a sense of pride.
There is No Superman
Have you seen Superman? This analogy was used decades ago by Tom McLagan, Executive Chairman, at operational meetings. When things get tough, people wait for Superman to fly in and save the day. At Hyder we know “There is no Superman.” When things get tough, our teams step up. We save the day.

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