The Breckenridge Parking Structure team has completed the final interior concrete slab pour!

Since the first footers were placed on August 5th, 2020, the entire team has shown an unwavering commitment to the project and maintaining schedule – working through smoke-filled skies during the wildfires, rain, snow, sub-zero temperatures, high winds, slushy roads, highway closures, and skier traffic to make it all happen! 313 calendar days, 100 pour days, 536 truck deliveries (and 536 concrete tests!), and over 5,000 yards later, all concrete for the structure is now substantially complete!

We are all well aware of the planning involved with hitting a single pour date, but doing so twice, sometimes five times a week for ten months straight is nothing shy of a major accomplishment. From the winter conditions setup with multiple heaters and poly curtains to section off manageable pour areas, to the heavy broom finish and ONLY hand-troweled joints throughout, this truly was a team effort. Many late nights were spent re-arranging the poly containment and covering sections of the decks with blankets and tarps in preparation for the next day’s pour, but not one person ever complained or opted out of helping. It is safe to say, without every single individual assigned to the project, progress would not be at where it stands today.

Many thanks to the Hyder Team and kudos to Gallegos, Brenner, CDE, Legacy, and Stan Miller for a job well done. Also, thank you to the Town of Breckenridge for entrusting Hyder with such an amazing opportunity!