The last piece of structural steel has been placed at The Hooper project. Despite some delays, the team is still tracking very closely to the original contract schedule. The owner is delighted and our team continuities to stay out in front of and address all the design, sub, and logistics risk issues every day. We have a team that embodies the culture of BE PROACTIVE and BE A GREAT BUILDER and it shows in their progress and quality to date. A huge thanks and congrats to the Hooper project team!

Hooper By The Numbers

Critical Items Completed To Date:

  • 2,644 lineal feet of caissons drilled and placed.
  • 82,200 lbs. of PT cable at 156,927 feet (or 523 football fields).
  • 5,700 CY of concrete to podium and an additional 1,600 CY of concrete for infinity decks to equipment pads on roof. Total of 7,300 CY of concrete on the job.
  • Set 479 Infinity panels.
  • Structural concrete from project start to completion of roof deck equipment pads (roughly 58 weeks).
  • Completion of high roof from project start to last panel of high roof deck (roughly 60 weeks).
  • Roughly 450 tons of rebar and wire mesh.

Design Changes to Date

  • 218 RFI’s
  • 17 ASI’s
  • 27 ASK’s (Architectural supplemental sketch)
  • 23 SSK’s (Structural supplemental sketch)

Weather challenges:

  • 33 weather days incurred and tackled by the team with most overcome by alternate means to adhere to the next milestone pull date.