Amick Building Restoration & Hyder Office TI

About the Project

The renovation to this historic structure, dating back to 1900, converts a dilapidated and mostly vacant building into a vibrant office and retail space. That facade was preserved during the structure’s renovation, which is actually three separate buildings merged into one. Construction also included carving out a portion of the structure to enlarge the adjacent parking lot. Hyder’s office TI features a natural color palette of greys and tans with accents of red and slate blue. It is a blend of offices and open cubicles, but almost all the office and conference room walls are glass to create a feeling of openness and collaboration throughout. This project is the recipient of three awards, including the Mayor’s Design Award, ENR Best Renovation, and ENR Project of the Year Finalist.

Location: Denver, CO

Architect(s): Elsy Studios

Owner: Evergreen LLC


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