How much do you know about Hyder’s past projects? Periodically past projects will be featured on the Hyder blog to help you learn (or remember!) more about Hyder’s history and the great projects we’ve been a part of. This month we’re featuring the Arapahoe County Eastern Service Center for the 15-year anniversary of its completion! This was our first project for Loyal Customer, Arapahoe County, who we’ve now worked on 14 projects with.

Arapahoe County Eastern Service Center

A rapid population increase in the Denver Metro area required Arapahoe County to construct a new satellite facility for Road & Bridge Operations and Fleet Maintenance. The design for the new facility included the capability for future expansions. The facility is anchored by a 22,000 square foot maintenance facility for large fleet vehicles and encompasses the office and training facility. In addition, the facility houses a truck wash station, enclosed and covered equipment storage, a fuel island, sand and salt storage, a 250,000 gallon water storage tower and a large storage yard on an 18-acre site.

Owner: Arapahoe County
Architect: OZ Architecture