How much do you know about Hyder’s past projects? Periodically past projects will be featured on the Hyder blog to help you learn (or remember!) more about Hyder’s history and the great projects we’ve been a part of. This month, we are featuring the Lockheed Martin Multi-Purpose Test Facility. This $3.5 million project was completed 25 years ago. In the course of our 34-year relationship with Loyal Customer Lockheed Martin we have completed over 80 projects!

Lockheed Martin Multi-Purpose Test Facility

Hyder constructed this 6,400-square-foot addition to the Reverberatory Acoustics Laboratory (RAL) building on the Waterton campus. This concrete, blast-resistant addition was built to “clean room” specifications and contained systems to provide high-pressure Helium and Nitrogen lines for testing of space vehicle parts, including sophisticated electrical systems for monitoring test procedures.

Owner: Lockheed Martin Corporation