Congratulations to Scott Miller on 25 years with Hyder Construction! Not many people get to celebrate 25 years with one company. In a 25-year stretch, it’s not all glamorous – there are tough times mixed with really great times. To stick with the same company for this long is like a great marriage. You must have a sense of humor, you must be a good listener, you must know how to disagree, you must always try to improve, you must let the small stuff slide, you must look at tough times as growth opportunities, and you must always strive to communicate effectively. Scott definitely meets all of these criteria. His character is top notch and he has a wealth of technical construction knowledge and true passion for building.

Scott is also our model employee representing organic growth. He began with us as an intern right after graduating from CU and has been promoted to every possible position within the project management department. That is amazing! He also embodies all five principles of the Hyder Way and tries hard to make sure every Hyder employee, not just operations, respects these principles in the same way.

Scott, we are so proud of your career so far at Hyder, we sincerely thank you for the long hours, thousands of miles commuting I-70, and unwavering dedication to our people, our projects, and our overall success. Congratulations on 25 years, we look forward to many more!!