As we approach the winter months in Colorado, there are many hazards that we have to consider with the sometimes-harsh weather. Many of our jobsites have already encountered freezing temperatures and have started to use temporary heaters to keep warm. Whether you need temporary heat to keep warm, prevent frozen pipes, or maintain the climate for your construction materials, you’ll need to choose the right equipment. We have to think about all possible hazards when choosing temporary heating. Choosing the wrong type of heater, or installing or using it incorrectly, could cause damage to your property, materials or even injure workers.

Ensure temporary heaters are set up correctly and all hazards are addressed. Periodically conduct site walks to ensure these best practices are followed and that all heaters are turned off at the end of shift. If you have any questions on what heaters to use or how to ensure you are taking all steps to be safe, refer back to the equipment manual or contact the Hyder safety department.