On the behalf of the Safety Committee, we would like to recognize Enoch Martinez as this month’s Safety Standout.

Enoch joined Hyder as a Superintendent about two years ago. Although fairly new to Hyder, Enoch has many years of experience in construction wearing every hat, starting with his tools as a craft laborer all the way up to being an Operations Manager at the last company he worked with. Enoch’s experience shows through his leadership, planning, and willingness to be a team player.

Currently on the Mondo Market project, Enoch has been a part of 6 projects of various sizes in his time here at Hyder. He has been a part of tightly scheduled projects like those over at Empower Field and Dove Valley, as well as lead others like Park Mosaic and Beaver Creek IT Plaza. All have been successful due to his attention to detail, communication, and planning. Enoch takes the time to look at upcoming work and includes safety in all his planning, even if it’s just to give safety a “heads up” on what the project is doing. His attitude towards safety and open communication is greatly appreciated and definitely shows in the success of his projects. Enoch leads by example in the field and manages subcontractors just as he does our Hyder personnel, holding them to the standards of The Hyder Way.

Please join us in thanking Enoch and all his efforts towards providing a safe and productive work environment over at Mondo Market and every project he is a part of.