We are very excited to announce that Team Hooper has achieved TCO on the Hooper as of this morning! We wouldn’t be where we are today without ALL of the key players striving hard each day, week, month, and year – bringing this to completion in the midst of a pandemic.

Hooper experienced typical high-rise challenges such as: Zero lot line construction on the RTD light rail, shoring 15′ deep at light rail side, shoring 25′ deep at alley side, brick coursing from interior of building when neighboring building couldn’t be removed and remained three inches away, exterior hoist in alleyway, Class 3 crane in an interior mechanical shaft, and custom smoke evac system as per high rise standards.

Team Hooper also experienced quite a few challenges that are not so typical, and many of you out there likely have experienced these new unique challenges as well. The biggest challenge was building in the midst of a pandemic, which we’ve all learned can be tough in and of itself, but even more so if key players outside the Hyder organization haven’t adapted yet to that, or don’t understand and embrace the things we hold to be so important – Continuously Improve, Be a Great Builder, There is No Superman, Be Proactive, and Be Accountable.

Congrats Team Hooper; well done!