How much do you know about Hyder’s past projects? Periodically past projects will be featured on the Hyder blog to help you learn (or remember!) more about Hyder’s history and the great projects we’ve been a part of! We can’t believe is has been five years since we moved into our new office! Not only was it a vast improvement on our old, outdated digs, it’s a frequently showcased project in our historical renovation portfolio.

Hyder’s 1031 Santa Fe Office Remodel

The $5.2 renovation to this historic structure, dating back to 1900, converts a dilapidated and mostly vacant building into a vibrant office and retail space. That facade was preserved during the structure’s renovation, which is actually three separate buildings merged into one. Construction also included carving out a portion of the structure to enlarge the adjacent parking lot. Hyder’s office TI features a natural color palette of greys and tans with accents of red and slate blue. It is a blend of offices and open cubicles, but almost all the office and conference room walls are glass to create a feeling of openness and collaboration throughout. This project was the winner of the 2019 ENR Mountain States Best Project in Renovation/Restoration and a 2019 Mayor’s Design Award.

Architect: Elsy Studios / Hyder Construction