General Superintendent

Rene Robledo

As General Superintendent, Rene oversees all Hyder superintendents and craft labor. He provides field support and makes weekly visits to each job site to review progress and schedule milestone achievements. He works with the Director of Operations and executive team to optimize the growth potential and profitability of the company. “My primary focus is to teach field staff the Hyder Way, which revolves around creating loyal customers.”

Rene has been with Hyder for 27 years, his first and only construction company. He was hired as a laborer, then worked his way up through Labor Foreman, Carpenter, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, Senior Superintendent, and now General Superintendent. He has extensive experience across multiple market segments including mountain resort, multi-family residential, municipal, restaurant, and office buildings.

Before joining Hyder, Rene was in the United States Army for 8 years and had two combat deployments. He speaks both English and Spanish, adding to his exceptional management skills and his ability to supervise subcontractors more effectively.

“Plan, plan, and plan some more. As a young kid, growing up my dad would say, ‘If you don’t have a plan there’s no point in going into battle.’ That always stuck with me, especially being in the military and actually going into battle. I think a big part of my successes on past projects can be attributed to constant planning.”

Life Outside Hyder

“I got married to my wife Luciana in 1999. She works as an assistant for special needs kids and is an amazing, supportive wife and mother to our two kids, Adrian and Ivette. Adrian is 19 and pretty much on his own and Ivette is 13 and is seen as a role model and mentor in her school. She has earned numerous awards and is set to receive her latest at online learning. As a family, we love traveling, site seeing, and hiking. When we go out as a family, I see and feel we are very relaxed. Being around natural beauty has a way of calming things down. We also have a lot of fun together…somewhere along the trip there is always something that we all do together that makes the trip memorable. My family loves it because that’s where they’ve seen me laugh so hard I’m in tears (and that’s very unusual for me).”


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