Lockheed Martin Space Systems

About the Project

Hyder believes in long-term relationships with our clients. Since 1988, Hyder has completed over 75 projects for Lockheed Martin Corporation, equating to over 1.1 million square feet worth of work. Projects have included a lobby remodel, a new multi-purpose test facility, and the Atlas V pressure test facility. Over the years, Hyder’s work at Lockheed Martin has helped contribute to the Titan Rocket Family, the Atlas Rocket Family, and now geosynchronous satellites. Working with this client has given Hyder a strong understanding of high-security areas, technical and highly sensitive equipment, and complex HVAC systems.

Location: Littleton, CO

Architect(s): Various

Owner: Lockheed Martin Corporation

“I strongly feel Hyder construction was a key factor in the success of this project. They assigned a very knowledgeable and experienced team which included project management and sub-contracting field management. Hyder administered the subcontractors and managed the many details for this project with a genuine commitment to schedule and customer satisfaction.”

— Joe Pina, Construction Manager, Lockheed Martin


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