Happy 15 years at Hyder to Matt Huelskamp!

When Matt was working for a home builder fifteen years ago, he saw the housing bubble bursting and decided it was time to look for another career opportunity. He and his wife Josie wanted to live in Silverthorne and Hyder’s presence in the mountains inspired him to apply for a position. Matt took a substantial reduction in salary and in responsibilities but made the decision to join Hyder as a Level 1 Project Manager and began working on projects in Breckenridge and Vail. He quickly showed his potential and fit with Hyder’s culture.

When our business development position became available in 2008, Matt was open to the idea of leading that effort and he began another journey down a slightly different path. His leadership qualities, desire to learn, and focus on continuously improving both himself and Hyder brought immediate benefits to both our business development program and management team.

During the following years, Matt continued to take on additional management responsibilities and made transformative changes to improve Hyder every step of the way. In 2018, it was apparent that Hyder would benefit from Matt’s leadership, and he became President. With Matt at the helm, Hyder has improved as a company and the Hyder team has delivered record revenues and profitability and all signs are Hyder’s best days are ahead.

Congratulations to Matt on your 15-year anniversary and many thanks for all you have done for Hyder’s employees!