RTD Jeffco Parking Structure
Golden, Colorado

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RTD Jeffco Parking Structure

At the head-end of RTD's new West Line Light Rail project at the Jefferson County Administration Facility in Golden, this attractive 250,000 square-foot project includes a 3-story precast parking garage with 822 parking stalls. Part of the project includes a 240' long tunnel through which light rail cars exit from the Jeffco Station, beginning their trip toward downtown Denver.

Owner | Denver Transit Construction Group
Architect | IBI Group

On behalf of Denver Transit Construction Group and RTD, I can say we were extremely lucky to have Hyder Construction on our project. They faced some sizeable obstacles early on. It took organization, structure, and exceptional project management to quickly find solutions and keep the complicated structure on course. Hyder made our lives easy and we would recommend them for any project.
— Jon Collins, Denver Transit Construction Group