Hyder Construction is seeking a Carpenter with 2-3 years of documented carpenter experience.  Hyder Carpenters are assigned to a broad range of work tasks including following all safety rules.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Constructs, erects, installs and repairs structures, concrete forms, fixtures of wood, plywood and wallboard using carpenter’s hand tools and power tools while conforming to local building codes.
  • Studies blueprints, sketches, or building plans for information pertaining to structures or fixtures needing fabrication.
  • Layout using building instruments and carpentry tools.
  • Shapes materials to specifications or measurements using saws, chisels, and planes.
  • Assembles cut and shaped materials, and can fasten together using appropriate fasteners.
  • Can verify trueness of structure by using plumb bobs and building instruments.
  • Erects framework for structures and lays subflooring.
  • Builds stairs, lay-outs and installs partitions and cabinet work.
  • Fits and installs prefabricated window frames, doors, door frames, weather stripping, interior and exterior trim and finish hardware.
  • Constructs forms and chutes for pouring concrete.
  • Erects scaffolding and ladders.
  • Know safety requirements for temporary barricades and safety railing.


If you are interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to, Attention: Nicole Frank