Kevin Clary
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin's primary focus areas are ensuring the company's strong financial foundation and optimizing the company's administrative resources and productivity. His day-to-day responsibilities include proactive support for our project teams, risk mitigation, financial resource management, and delivering our customers the best-in-class service and technology. Kevin’s long term vision for the finance and administrative teams are to position Hyder for prolonged growth, and to ensure an environment that continues to attract passionate talent to Hyder and the construction industry.

Kevin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Montana State University, and an Executive MBA from the University of Denver. Prior to joining Hyder, he spent 9 years in the private equity markets, and has extensive experience with multiple companies and industries. 

Kevin is a long-time Colorado resident and an avid runner, having competed in track and field at both a collegiate and professional level. When he’s not pounding the pavement, Kevin can be found on the ski slopes or supporting his wife’s affinity for Alabama football. 

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