Hyder Starts Breck Brewery Phase II 

November 18, 2016

Hyder has started our second project at the Littleton Breckenridge Brewery (now owned by Anheuser-Busch Companies), the Breckenridge Brewery Phase II Warehouse Addition. The $3.4 million project, scheduled to complete this spring, features a 14,300 square foot addition to the warehouse, converting existing dry storage to cold storage, building an additional parking lot and paving three more, reconstructing site drainage, and expanding the beer garden. 

Two major challenges facing the team will be the weather and site drainage. The project had a delayed start, pushing the majority of civil and concrete scope to the winter months, meaning additional provisions for weather and winter conditions. Our strategy is to expedite the building over-excavation with an early release grading permit; in turn this allows us to establish the building footprint and get footings/foundations in prior to year's end. The building superstructure and shell will be erected prior to pouring the interior slab on grade, simplifying the winterization needs for those activities.  

In addition, Santa Fe Drive and adjacent residential developments drain through the Breckenridge property. This creates a challenge with de-watering while re-grading the existing water quality ponds. We are expediting grading and stormwater outlet structures to regain proper site drainage as quickly as possible. Dewatering will be accomplished by establishing 3 well points where water will be pumped to adjacent sediment ponds.


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